Fifth Grade

5th Grade Committee Chairs and Members 2022/23

Chairs: Dana Kuropatkin, Leslie Won and Courtney Schlow

Photographer- Cindy Ho

Parent Liason- Tobi Wechsler

Yearbook- Dana Kralstein, Tracy Brown, Cindy Ho, Jen Palaganas

Car Wash- Maria Sideris, Erica Sutter, Tobi Wechsler, Audrey Zak, Sara Bostwick

Legacy Tiles- Sara Bostwick

T- shirts/Sweatshirts- Carla Delia

Ice Skating (or a different venue for a fundraising event)- Erica Roseman, Erica Sutter, Maria Sideris

Dance- Carla Delia, Audrey Zak, Tobi Wechsler, Erica Roseman, Erica Sutter 

Field Trip- Erica Roseman, Sara Bostwick

Breakfast/Yearbook Signing- Dana Kralstein, Tracy Brown, Jen Palaganas