Directory Spot

Directory Spot for the 2023-24 School Year 

Dear Parents,

The Walt Whitman PTA provides a free online school directory every fall to PTA members.  This year, we’d like to get a head start on creating the directory so that it can go live earlier in the year.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY CHANGES FROM LAST YEAR, AND WISH TO CONTINUE TO BE LISTED IN THE DIRECTORY, DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  However, if you have any changes in your contact information or if you would like to change your preference about being included in the directory, then please fill out and submit online form.  Keep in mind that we will continue to provide access to the free online school directory to only those parents who are paid members of the PTA for the 2023-24 school year.

Please take a moment to fill out and submit the form below ONLY IF YOU HAVE A CHANGE IN YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION.  We will take care of sorting everyone into the correct classes once teacher information is available.

Thanks so much for your support!


Michelle Kim at
PTA School Directory Committee Chairperson