PTA Committees

Here at The Walt Whitman Elementary School, we believe that parents are not just spectators but key players in their child’s educational journey. Our PTA thrives on the dedication and enthusiasm of parents like you who generously invest their time and talents to create an extraordinary educational experience for our students.

You may be wondering how you can become part of this incredible journey. Well, the answer is simple: join one of our dynamic committees! Whether you have a passion for books and literacy, a knack for organizing fun-filled events, or simply a desire to contribute to your child’s education, we have a committee that’s the perfect fit for you. Each committee has its unique focus and purpose, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Maybe you’d like to get involved with the Book Fair committee, where you’ll inspire a love for reading in our students. Or perhaps the Fun Fair committee is where your creativity can shine, as you help organize exciting events that leave our children with unforgettable memories. And let’s not forget the Parents Night Out committee, where you can connect with fellow parents while making a positive impact on our school community.

We offer so many committees and chairperson positions for you to choose from. You are the future of our PTA, and your involvement will shape the experiences and opportunities we offer to our students.

As we look ahead, please note that not all dates have been set for these committees yet. However, once you sign up, we’ll ensure you receive the necessary information, including event dates, at the end of June. This will allow our chairpersons to communicate these important details with their committee members.

We genuinely hope you’ll consider joining a committee today and becoming an integral part of your child’s educational journey. You are the future of our PTA.  Together, we can create a brighter future for our students and our school community.

Each year we send out the sign up forms at the end of the year to form our committees for the following year.  If you are an incoming parent, please know that for most committees you can join as a member at anytime.  Contact us at

Thanks for all your support!